By Abdullahi U. Danbakaba

A renowned Physicist in the Department of Physics, School of Physical Sciences, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Prof. Kasim Uthman Isah has said that the need to have more materials scientists in order to solve Nigeria’s technological challenges remains paramount.

He stated this on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 while presenting the 94th Inaugural lecture of the University titled, “Generational Materials Modification towards a Low Cost and Efficient Conversion of Light into Electricity: My Contributions” at the University Auditorium, Main Campus, Gidan Kwano.

Prof. Isah who bewailed over the significant lack of materials scientists in the country, further explained that though, government does spend huge resources sending scientists abroad for training, poor remunerations and inadequate facilities remained the basic factors not only responsible for challenges in the proper re-assimilation on return home but also necessitating many overseas trained graduates to stay in diaspora to the detriment of their home country.

Advocating for the need to adopt an alternative means of energy generation which is cost effective and environmental friendly, the Professor called for the application of renewable energy sources generated from sun light.”The world is moving towards more of renewable energy and the country, Nigeria can not afford to be left behind.” The Inaugural lecturer reiterated.

He said, with the abondant solar resources in the country, the conversion of light into electricity in the form of photovoltaics has the potential to supply much of the country’s electricity demands.

Prof. Isah further stressed that in addition to addressing the negative impact of the use of fossil fuels energy generation on the environment, the development also gives a significant room for cost reduction from new and cheaper materials, low cost materials synthesis procedure and improvement in conventional materials, solar technology can increase its contributions to the reliability and resilience of power grid.

“Materials science plays a critical role in achieving the goals of low cost, efficient and renewable sustainable energy source and in understanding device fundamentals based on materials research,” the renowned Physicist asserted.

Photo Credit: Elijah Yisa

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